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 Hello from Washington, the state....

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PostSubject: Hello from Washington, the state....   Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:42 pm

The only aviation experience I have is in building flying models but I am in the initial planning stages of making an affordable (cheap), easy to build, and stable ultralight for those without the skills normally required to home build a plane.
My criteria are:
1. 103 complient
2. low stall (14 - 16 mph with flaps)
3. enclosed canopy (for comfort)
4. tricycle gear (for ground stability)
5. boringly stable - for new pilots (me)
6. open to anyone - no cost or very low cost plans
7. easy to modify to fit the builder's needs
8. one piece wing - 30 foot span and 6 foot chord
9. flying horizontal tail (needed to compensate for pilot weight (CG shift) and low landing speed)
10. steel bolt together airframe with a high wing (no welding skills needed)

Mine will be a pusher but the plans will include mods for tractor (weight and balance advice included)
flaps, ailerons, full three axis controls and decent visibility are a must. I am soliciting help from others on this project but only from those who are willing to "give away" the plans for no more than the cost to produce them.
My hope is to get more folks flying in a safe aircraft to further the growth of the ulralight family.
Engine required is in the 12 - 20 hp range depending on the level of climb and speed (within legal limits) the builder desires.

So, here I am - the dreamer, Paul
glad to meet you all.
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Hello from Washington, the state....
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